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ثبت سفارش Services IRANIAN RAHA TEB Co., Ltd.

We are the frontrunner in the import and export of laboratory equipments, laboratory instrument, laboratory chemicals and industrial chemicals. All the products imported and exported by us have been made using modern and latest techniques. Apart from aforementioned products, we are also engaged in dealing with some other products and services for lab, pharmaceutical and industries. We are most reliable exporter and importer of medical instruments for laboratory and hospitals, research instruments, apparatus and laboratory glasswares.

The role of our staff is pivotal and their ceaseless efforts help in timely delivery of products. In addition, the low prices for our products enhance their easy accessibility. We work every time to obtain your repeat business orders for our finest products. With our par excellence products which provide desired benefits, we endeavor to meet your expectations in all respect.

We are committed to our clients For:

    * Design

    * Pre installation

    * Installation

    * Commission  and Setup

    * Application training

    * Warranty

    * After sales services

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